UniTorq: Revolutionizing Industrial Valve Actuation with Superior Products

UniTorq: Revolutionizing Industrial Valve Actuation with Superior Products

In the dynamic world of industrial automation, UniTorq stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability. With a steadfast commitment to quality and performance, UniTorq has established itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial valve actuation products. 

Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

UniTorq's pneumatic and electric actuators are the cornerstones of their product line. These actuators are designed for precision and durability, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding environments. Pneumatic actuators offer powerful and efficient operation, making them ideal for high-tonality and high-speed applications. On the other hand, the electric actuators provide unparalleled accuracy and control, suitable for processes that demand precise positioning and smooth motion.

Senitec Valve Position Indicators

A unique offering from UniTorq is the Senitec range of valve position indicators. These indicators provide clear and accurate visual feedback on valve positions, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Senitec position indicators withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliable performance in various industrial settings. Senitec indicators are an essential tool for maintaining process integrity and minimizing downtime.

Declutchable Gear Overrides

Understanding the need for manual operation indicators in specific scenarios, UniTorq offers declutchable gear overrides. These overrides enable manual control of valves during power outages or system maintenance. They are easy to engage and operate, maintaining process control even without power. This feature is precious in critical applications where continuous operation is paramount.

NAMUR Mount Solenoid Valves

The NAMUR mount solenoid valves from UniTorq provide seamless integration with actuators. These valves offer fast and reliable switching, essential for controlling fluid flow in automated systems. Their compatibility with NAMUR standards ensures ease of installation and maintenance, making them popular among industry professionals.

Valve Positioners

At the forefront of UniTorq's technological advancements are its valve positioners. These positioners provide sophisticated control of valve positioning, adapting to varying process conditions. They are equipped with diagnostic capabilities, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing the likelihood of unexpected downtime. The Smart valve positioners are a testament to UniTorq's commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

UniTorq's range of industrial valve actuation products, including pneumatic and electric actuators, Senitec valve position indicators, declutchable gear overrides, NAMUR mount solenoid valves, and Smart valve positioners, represent the pinnacle of engineering and design. These products are not just components but integral parts of a system that drives efficiency, safety, and reliability in industrial processes. UniTorq continues to lead the way in industrial automation, offering solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries.

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